Winter 2013-14 Newsletter

A letter to the patients of Reboot Center: As 2013 draws to a close, I want to express my thanks and appreciation to you for choosing me to be part of your health care team. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous 2014!

As for 2013...This was quite the whirlwind of a year for me. I introduced multiple new integrative tests, therapies, and treatments throughout the course of the year. Baby Paloma greeted the world on May 23rd. The subsequent two months of maternity leave were quite an interesting, and welcome, shift in the rhythm of the Center. And in the Fall (where did Fall go??) I added Scenar therapy to the Center's core set of treatments.

January Good Cheer matching donations drive:

Throughout the month of January, please join us in our effort to give back to our wonderful community. Reboot Center will donate $1 for every non-perishable food and hygiene item, and $2 if it's organic, up to $10 per visit... So, please donate donate donate so that the Good Cheer shelves are stocked 50-deep! Let's set a goal of at least $500 worth of donations for Reboot Center to match. I'll keep a running log of our collective donations here.

(Relatively) new at Reboot Center... SCENAR THERAPY:

Reboot Center's Scenar (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) unit is a biofeedback device that delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, therapeutic electrical stimulation deep into the tissues. Without drugs or surgery, Scenar therapy helps normalize tissue dynamics. It’s great for pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and health challenges such as whiplash injury, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, back and neck pain, pneumonia and bronchitis.

Since introducing Scenar therapy to Reboot Center in October of this year, I have found it to be dramatic as an acute and chronic pain relief therapy. And best of all- It’s quick, painless, AND many health insurance plans cover it.

**Consider adding the 2013-14 Flu Homeopathic to your flu season prevention program.**

In the best of health, Dr. Schiavone-Ruthensteiner

flu vaccine

Flu Vaccine: going once, going twice...

Flu Vaccine. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? It's the age-old, million-dollar question... Getting the flu is no fun at all, as many of us know. It can put us out of work, or out of school, and land us in bed for days on end with symptoms we've all been primed to watch out for: chills, aches and pains, fever, digestive issues, major fatigue, and on and on.

Pneumonia and other complications are serious issues in infants, the elderly, and immune-compromised individuals. But for the rest of the population that does not fall into this high-risk group, is the yearly flu shot really all that necessary? Weighing the pros of the presumed effectiveness of the vaccination against the potential risk of being injected with a smörgåsbord of other known and unknown ingredients, it still boils down to individual choice. For now, at least we have a choice..

Please view the video, which gives a nice overview of the vaccine. This vaccine list gives a broad overview of the ingredients in most of the vaccines on the market. This list of vaccine ingredients indicates the culture media used in the production of common vaccines and the excipients they contain. Also listed are substances used in the manufacturing process.