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Come one, come all: Open House this Saturday!

We've had soooo much going on at Reboot Center! Very importantly, Team Reboot and the owners of the Reboot Center Building are cordially inviting you to our open house:

Date/Time: Saturday, April 30th, from 4 - 7 PM.
Place: well, you guess. :)

Tour the building, including the beautiful upper units for lease
Savor complimentary culinary delights from our one and only Roaming Radish
Meet the building owners, the hardworking construction team, and Reboot staff and practitioners, including our almost on-board Dr. Lenny

Bring your family and friends, all ages welcome!
Who's Dr. Lenny??? On May 1st, Dr. Leonardo Franzese (yep, another craaaazy name to add to the mix), will be starting his naturopathic career at Reboot Center. A graduate of Bastyr University, Dr. Lenny will be an official resident of Reboot. He is an established massage practitioner with a particular predisposition for cranial therapy. And so, with some luck (aka. foresighted scheduling on our part), you may be blessed with a "two-for-one" cranial treatment when you come in for your cranial session. :). Dr. Lenny is very excited to practice naturopathic primary care medicine on our beautiful island, and we are very much looking forward to his coming on board.

We now have a top-shelf line of Restoreganics supplements available for over-the-counter purchase (no prescription required), including but not limited to: Aminos+, NapCaps, NeuroCalmRestore, and C++Fizz. All are non-GMO, very pure, and many contain organic ingredients.
For a limited time, we are offering a 15% discount on your first retail purchase. Perfect for springtime is the BodyClear 28-Day Detoxification Program (it makes a great gift, too)!

Spring doesn't need to mean allergies-
Did you know that your Reboot physicians do extensive allergy testing? They perform both the typical skin-prick tests commonly done at allergy clinics, as well as food antibody tests (via blood draw or skin prick). The treatment portion of Reboot Center's signature AllergyFree Program includes a sublingual (no-shot) desensitization method, and is geared towards strengthening and normalizing immune function once and for all.
Spring time is nettle time. Nettles are chock-full of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that help to regulate immune function and liver detoxification.
Try some home-brewed nettle tea: simply steep a (gloved) handful of nettles in boiled water x 10 minutes, strain, add a dash of honey if desired, and enjoy! If you're adventurous, a few grains of cayenne or a slice of peeled ginger can be fun additions to nettle tea.

In the best of health,
Dr. Jennifer and the team