"Reboot Together" for a New Year's REVOLUTION!

***UPDATE: Our first group meeting will be Saturday, January 12th!  All other meetings will be held as previously scheduled at this time.***

Tired of feeling fatigue, pain and/or brain fog? Do you have digestive symptoms, extra weight, or just want to improve your overall fitness?

Join us for the Reboot Together program. This is a peer support group, led by a licensed naturopathic physician. We will encourage and set achievable goals, support each other through obstacles, and learn more about what research shows helps people shed excess fat and gain lean muscle.

Register early! Limited space available. Call (360) 331-2464 or complete the form below!

BONUS: All active group participants receive:

  • 2 complementary Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) readings ($30 dollar value!)
    • This will objectively track your progress through recording your body’s composition of fat, water, lean muscle, etc.
  • [Optional] 20% off BodyLean and BodyClear when purchased together, or 10% off when you purchase one.
    • Each program includes 2 shakes as well as daily supplements for 14 days of weight loss/detoxification!

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