Ruth Allison Dana, ND received her doctorate at Bastyr University, the premier institute for research-based naturopathic medicine, in San Diego, California where she focused her clinical studies on homeopathy, mental health, and neurological disorders.

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and Chronic Disease Management

Mindfulness meditation is not only good for stress-reduction, it has a plethora of other health benefits. Many illnesses can be mitigated, if not completely managed, through a consistent meditation practice. It is a powerful “self-healing” tool that is fairly easy to implement. Meditation has been shown to have positive changes that can actually affect function…


Homeopathy Basics for Beginners & Skeptics

“What is homeopathy, really?”… We integrative physicians get this question a LOT!  Homeopathy is commonly confused with naturopathic or herbal medicine. It is not a synonym, but rather a specific modality used within the broad scope of natural medicine. It emerged through observation of the phenomena that “like cures like” in the 18th century.  Homeopathic remedies…