“I was not really looking for a doctor when I found Dr. Jennifer. It was an accident that brought me to her office. I had been doing strenuous work that caused a hernia. My doctor in Mukilteo was on vacation and I prefer a Naturopathic doctor so I found the only one on South Whidbey that takes my health insurance. She put me in touch with a general surgeon at WhidbeyHealth and facilitated the healing process. That was just over a year ago. Sometimes good things happen by accident. “I took time recently to access Dr. Jennifer’s website and read that she is “…passionate about being part of people’s healing journeys.” I found this to be true in the way she has helped me with chronic fatigue and additional health challenges in the past year. And, she is indirectly helping me find my passion in life as my health improves. “A Naturopathic physician addresses the whole person in order to discover and treat the imbalances that lead to illness, injury, and “dis-ease”. I like the way Dr. Jennifer does this and how she is able to incorporate what my former Naturopathic doctor did for me. Dr. Jennifer and I do not always agree and she respects my reasons. Overall she has influenced my thinking and habits such that I am overcoming long-standing health issues.”