“I first began working with Dr. Jennifer at Reboot Center a few years ago when I was dealing with Lyme disease. Thanks to her support and wisdom, I was able to create a healthy protocol for overcoming the bacteria and regaining my health. I very much appreciate that she works together as a partner for health, and is open to ideas and suggestions given by her patients. Now I’m about to complete a protocol for desensitization to environmental allergies, and I am noticing a big difference in that I have not had problems this spring with strong allergic reactions, which has been truly wonderful. For me, the naturopathic approach to health and healing is the only way to go, as it supports one in gaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, so that it becomes about prevention and balance, rather than intervention and crisis. Thanks to all at Reboot Center who make it a pleasure to be there!”


“If you want to achieve optimal health, and not just wait for a problem to arise, check out the wellness strategies employed at this clinic.
Whole body detoxification is my focus to general health. Dr. Schiavone-Ruthensteiner has a “whole person wellness” approach. She can show you what is going on in your blood with an electron microscope, fascinating!”


“A few years ago, my immune system crashed and I was overtaken with excruciating joint pain and exhaustion. Working with Dr. Jennifer helped me regain my health and vitality. Unlike allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine doesn’t just throw drugs at symptoms, it seeks to bring the individual back into homeostasis. This means revitalizing the immune system and all other systems of the body. Through the support, guidance and partnership of Dr. Jennifer, I was able to not only rejuvenate my immune system, but reduce the bacterial load from Lyme infection, reduce heavy metals (lead and mercury), and address some very significant food sensitivities. For over 18 months I’ve been feeling strong, energetic and pain-free, and I have learned much about how to listen to my body and what it needs. And I have learned how important it is to work with a doctor who is not only an expert in her field, but who gives her undivided time and attention to her patients when they are in the room. Thank you so much!”


“I was not really looking for a doctor when I found Dr. Jennifer. It was an accident that brought me to her office. I had been doing strenuous work that caused a hernia. My doctor in Mukilteo was on vacation and I prefer a Naturopathic doctor so I found the only one on South Whidbey that takes my health insurance. She put me in touch with a general surgeon at WhidbeyHealth and facilitated the healing process. That was just over a year ago. Sometimes good things happen by accident. “I took time recently to access Dr. Jennifer’s website and read that she is “…passionate about being part of people’s healing journeys.” I found this to be true in the way she has helped me with chronic fatigue and additional health challenges in the past year. And, she is indirectly helping me find my passion in life as my health improves. “A Naturopathic physician addresses the whole person in order to discover and treat the imbalances that lead to illness, injury, and “dis-ease”. I like the way Dr. Jennifer does this and how she is able to incorporate what my former Naturopathic doctor did for me. Dr. Jennifer and I do not always agree and she respects my reasons. Overall she has influenced my thinking and habits such that I am overcoming long-standing health issues.”


“Dr. Jennifer takes the time to really listen. She knows what she is doing. I have been seeing her for 6 years and will continue to see her. I love her and her wonderful receptionist Jan. Thank you ladies!”


“I began meeting with Dr. Jennifer for menopausal continuum care and general health maintenance. I have found she provides thoughtful, keen insights and listens well. “I have had my questions answered and often several options are suggested to me. Dr. Jennifer has provided NeuroPhysio Therapy for me as well, and my chronic headaches are reduced by 90%. She offers a multi-system and dynamic approach, and treatment care plans are tailored for support at home. It is truly inspiring to visit a practitioner who is interested and committed to resolving her patients’ health puzzles.”


“I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Jennifer. She is a gifted practitioner. At 66 years old, I’m experiencing some of the healthiest times of my life. Through nutritional guidance and NeuroPhysio Therapy, my body is healing itself and is functioning more optimally. This holistic, non-invasive approach to medicine is amazing. I didn’t know how good I could feel!”


“I am a 70-year-old female with some osteoporosis in my bones. On November 20, 2013 I fell on a cobblestone sidewalk, landed on my knee and broke my right femur, the biggest bone in my body. The surgeons classified it as a distal femur break, as it was very close to my knee. It was a very bad break, in fact, the surgeons who repaired it said it was absolutely one of the worst breaks they had ever seen. I had “shattered” the bone and it was in many pieces, some of which looked like eyelashes and eggshells on the x-rays, along with many bigger pieces.

“In early December I had 2 surgeries to repair the bone. They put a titanium rod and 8 metal pins in my leg. I spent almost 3 months in a skilled nursing facility because I was not to put ANY weight on that leg. X-rays subsequently taken at 8 weeks, 14 weeks and 20 weeks post surgery showed NO bone growth.

“After the 20-week appointment I became very concerned that there was no bone growth. After researching regarding bone growth and femur breaks I found that, while it is not too unusual for bone growth to be slow in people over 60, sometimes the bone does not ever grow and eventually many invasive procedures would be tried which may or may not stimulate the bone into growth.

“My daughter and son-in-law urged me to see Dr. Jennifer Ruthensteiner, a Naturopathic doctor and their primary physician. On the first visit she prescribed several medicines that were good for bone growth, and gave me my first treatment with a SCENAR machine, a painless electrical stimulation device. I received a SCENAR treatment once every week. At my 26-week exam, x-rays showed there was a significant amount of bone growth. At my 38-week exam, x-rays showed bone growth was again significantly increased. I have been allowed to put 100% of my body weight on the leg from about 30 weeks post surgery.

“I am convinced that it has been mainly the SCENAR treatments that have stimulated my bone growth. My own research revealed that this is a treatment used by medical personnel in many countries around the world, with great success. My surgeons were supportive when I told them about the SCENAR although it was not a treatment they used.

“I give all the credit to Dr. Jennifer for the bone growth and healing from the SCENAR treatments.”