Summer is the season of the Heart and of Joy and the element of Fire. It is important to nurture this energy and dance in the warmth of the sun. Here are a few East Asian-infused thoughts on health and balance, particularly in late spring/early summer.

  1. To stay cool and hydrated, enjoy watermelon, cucumber, fresh mint and refreshing yogurt smoothies with berries.
  2. Chinese Medicine acknowledges the heart & mind connection; if there is an imbalance in the heart rhythm, this can affect the peaceful outlook of the mind. Likewise, if there is mental anguish, this too can affect the heart physically and emotionally. Take inventory daily on your thoughts as well as assess your heart rate for regularity. In Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis is a key element of the patient assessment process, because the pulse can reflect imbalances in organs and systems.
  3. Laughter is an easy way to release pent-up frustration and dislodge difficult emotions. Find a cartoon, or think of something funny, and just laugh. Have you ever just tried to laugh without reason? This silly exercise can truly actually make you laugh. Once started, just keep laughing for a bit! It seems silly, but it will definitely put a smile on your face. :) This practice is in effect a breathing exercise with sound. When sound and movement connect, the body & mind can transform.
  4. Embrace the energy of the season, and harmonize with the bounty that nature provides.
  5. Socialize at the Farmer’s Market, source fresh vegetables cultivated locally, and revel in the colors of yellow, orange and red.
  6. If you’re close to the ocean, watch the sunset at the beach and take in the ocean air to clean out your lungs.
  7. Grow a veggie garden, then enjoy the nutrient-rich fruits of your labor!

These simple activities can nurture the spark of sunshine within. For more specific ideas and inspirations on how to balance the body through the seasons with acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, consider seeing an acupuncturist.