Flu Vaccine. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? It’s the age-old, million-dollar question… Getting the flu is no fun at all, as many of us know. It can put us out of work, or out of school, and land us in bed for days on end with symptoms we’ve all been primed to watch out for: chills, aches and pains, fever, digestive issues, major fatigue, and on and on.

Pneumonia and other complications are serious issues in infants, the elderly, and immune-compromised individuals. But for the rest of the population that does not fall into this high-risk group, is the yearly flu shot really all that necessary? Weighing the pros of the presumed effectiveness of the vaccination against the potential risk of being injected with a smörgåsbord of other known and unknown ingredients, it still boils down to individual choice. For now, at least we have a choice..

Please view the video, which gives a nice overview of the vaccine. This vaccine list gives a broad overview of the ingredients in most of the vaccines on the market. This list of vaccine ingredients indicates the culture media used in the production of common vaccines and the excipients they contain. Also listed are substances used in the manufacturing process.