Are you ready to actually reverse your heart disease, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and arrhythmia?

Robust and unrestricted health should be, hands down, our most prized possession. There ought to be nothing more important than a healthy body through which to experience life.

You probably don’t want to be slowed down by chest tension, shortness of breath, episodes of irregular heart beats, or leg cramps. You want to be FREE to yodel from a Nepalese mountaintop, go on diving adventures, ride bareback in the snow, host dinner parties with ease and joy, and whitewater raft with your friends, without being tethered to your symptoms, doctor’s office, or pharmacy hours.

Our Western medical system is centered around drugs that treat disease, surgical procedures that cut out disease, and EKGs, colonoscopies, DEXA scans, mammograms MRIs, CT scans, and other state-of-the art imaging techniques that visualize disease. This system costs trillions of dollars annually. And each one of us is helping to foot the bill through our taxes, insurance premiums and deductibles, and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The kicker question, though is: After all that treatment, are you truly freed from your nagging chronic condition? Or do you leave the doctor’s office with a prescription that needs to be filled every month, while you keep our fingers crossed that the ghost of unsolicited side effects doesn’t come knocking on your door?

You deserve better.

Healthful food, clean water, proper activity, and quality sleep are painfully marginalized in Western medicine, the reasons for which are the subject of a future post.

The Western medical paradigm manages acute trauma and life-threatening disease in an extraordinarily successful way. Acute care is its ever-so-brightly shining light, and I am a firm advocate of emergency rooms, burn centers, and antibiotics when they are truly indicated.

Chronic conditions, not so much. People with chronic issues are begging to be cured, and not simply managed with a finicky, and perhaps costly, drug regimen forever more.

It’s time to seriously shed the shackles of chronic disease! (YES, it’s possible!)

I have developed the REBOOT Model to chronic disease care, upon which the Heart Reboot Program is based.


The Heart REBOOT Program:

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. With the current Western medical paradigm, common tests used to diagnose cardiovascular disease include blood pressure readings, blood tests (including cardiac enzymes, kidney function tests, cholesterol and other lipid levels, and electrolytes), echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, holter monitors, stress tests, contrast CTs, and cardiac catheterizations, among others.

What do these tests actually do? They show late-stage disease, which rears up after years of improper maintenance of cells and tissues. At this point, the goal would be to effectively reverse the disease by nourishing cells and healing tissues. But, it’s never too early to get on the prevention track!

The Heart REBOOT Program is a comprehensive, drug-free approach involving precise testing and individualized treatment to reverse heart disease and associated diseases as well as prevent future cardiovascular disease.

The Heart REBOOT Program Assessment includes:

  1. Testing for deficiencies:
    1. Select vitamins and minerals
    2. Essential fatty acids
    3. Amino acids
    4. Enzymes
    5. Other specific compounds
  2. Testing for toxicities:
    1. Heavy metals
    2. Environmental pollutants
    3. Electromagnetic radiation
  3. Testing for other cardiovascular markers
  4. Sleep assessment
  5. Nutritional assessment
  6. Stress assessment
  7. Functional Blood Assessment
  8. Physical examination

The Heart REBOOT Program Treatment is targeted, individualized to each patient, and powerfully successful.

The goal: dare I say “cure”? It’s about time we reclaim this term and concept in full force!

My standards are high.

Hop on board.

Change your life.

Start here.


Disclaimer: Please don’t discontinue taking medications or make any other changes to your treatment regimen without discussing these with your physician beforehand. The content of this blog is NOT to replace the advice of your physician. If you suffer from conditions including heart failure, heart valve disease, or congenital heart disease, these may include structural changes that are not reversible with the Heart REBOOT Program.