Allergy Free Program

Are allergies and asthma making you miserable? Reboot Center’s signature AllergyFree Program is tailored to address both the source of the allergy as well as regulate an overwhelmed immune system. Over-the-counter pills, nasal sprays and inhalers may take the edge off of your allergy symptoms, but they don’t provide the permanent relief and freedom from allergies that shouldn’t be present in the first place!

For lasting results, the combination of immunotherapy and herbal and homeopathic support is a powerful punch. Immunotherapy is available through shots or under-the-tongue drops, but drops are safer and more convenient than shots. As part of our AllergyFree Program we have opted to source our Sublingual Immunotherapy treatments from AllergyEasy, rated among the top SLIT programs in the nation. No more driving to the doctor’s office for painful injections. Drops can be taken in the comfort of your home.

In addition to the sublingual drops, Reboot Center includes in its AllergyFree Program a carefully selected blend of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and homeopathic medicines geared towards normalizing the body’s deviant immune response so that it can reboot in an allergy-free way!

Common Questions about Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) per AllergyEasy:
  • How do sublingual (under-the-tongue) allergy drops work? Like allergy shots, drops contain extracts of common allergens. When placed under the tongue, the drops are absorbed into the bloodstream, gradually desensitizing the body to the allergens so that it will stop overreacting to the environment in ways that lead to troubling symptoms.
  • How long until I feel better? Because sublingual drops can be dosed more frequently than shots, the vast majority of patients experience marked symptom relief within the first few months of starting treatment, and some feel better in just a few weeks.
  • Are allergy drops safe? Sublingual allergy drops contain the same all-natural antigens found in shots. However, because drops have not been associated with the same degree of risk for anaphylactic reaction as shots, they are safe enough to be taken at home.
  • Does the program work well for children? Since these drops are pain-free and easy to administer, they are an attractive choice for children. In addition, unlike shots, drops have been shown to be safe for children under age five.

Sublingual immunotherapy was developed over 60 years ago. It is widely used throughout the world and is especially popular in Europe where it accounts for more than 45 percent of allergy treatment.

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