September is a special transitional month. Days get colder, crisper, and shorter. Farmers markets’ bounties wind down, and soups start to replace salads. Kids are back in school. As changes are happening all around us, September beckons for us to refocus on ourselves as well. Why not introduce a new exercise regimen, try out a new batch of hearty recipes, or reevaluate how you spend your down time? September is also a perfect month to ponder one’s health and life goals and create some actionable changes to effect greater mental/physical focus and resilience through the next few seasons.

As for us at Reboot Center, we’ve been busy adding new products, tests, and treatments to our list of offerings. Here’s a snapshot of some Reboot updates and goodies to celebrate September:

  • Thermography and Rolfing services are coming next week, so book your appointment (or follow-up appointment) quickly!
  • HerbImmune is on sale through the end of the month.
  • Dr. Lenny is offering complimentary SCENAR sessions along with any massage service to new patients.
  • We are now offering zonulin testing.
  • Far infrared sauna therapy is great for those who want to prolong summer’s heat a bit longer (plus its robust detox/metabolic/weight loss effects are not to be underestimated).

Thermography coming next week!

Non-Invasive Breast and Thyroid Screening is coming to Reboot Center again.

Thermography screening for breast changes is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to mammography, especially in the wake of an extensive review conducted by the Swiss Medical Board in 2013, published in February of 2014.

We are pleased to have this assessment tool available, albeit for only a few days. Read more

Stressed? How to be the eye of the storm…

In our modern world we are often going from one thing to the next, or rather, trying to continuously get on top of multiple overlapping tasks, with an ever-growing task list. It seems there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.
Read more

Did you know that Dr. Leonardo Franzese is, in addition to being an integrative primary care naturopathic physician, also a licensed massage practitioner? Multiple massage patients have referred to him as “the doc with hands of gold,” and he has been praised up and down the island for his manual skills.

Dr. Lenny’s specialties include deep tissue and Swedish massage, Cranial Therapy, trigger point release, as well as SCENAR Therapy.
Introductory offer for new patients:  
Reserve your initial massage appointment with Dr. Lenny & receive
a complimentary SCENAR treatment.
We also offer discounted massage packages. Please call us at (360) 331-2464 for more information.

Depending upon your individual insurance policy, massage therapy may be insurance reimbursable.  Please check with your individual policy for coverage and restrictions.

Superior Intestinal Permeability Testing

A new serum test is now available to easily test for intestinal permeability, which can be a key factor in a variety of autoimmune and gastrointestinal conditions, as well as brain or central nervous system challenges. It’s called ZONULIN. We are now offering this simple blood testing through Reboot Center. Read more

Experience Rolfing Structural Integration

Former long-time Whidbey resident and Certified Rolfer for over 15 years, Joe Dunkley, returns to the island and is available for treatment sessions for 4 days only next week: Tuesday-Thursday (Sept. 13-15) & Saturday (Sept. 17). He will be seeing clients from a beautiful space on the upper floor of the WaterSong Place (Reboot Center is on the bottom floor).

Rolfing is the deepest of all types of bodywork and has profound and rapid results on chronic pain and injury treatment.

Schedule your appointment on his website, and enjoy!!

Our September supplement pick, ON SALE NOW!

It isn’t too early to get your immune system in gear!
HerbImmune is an herbal formula that is designed to support healthy immune system function. It contains a select combination of herbs that have been found to assist normal natural killer (NK) cell activity and the balance of cytokines, which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of a normal immune system response. The herbs in this formula are standardized to contain optimal and consistent amounts of the most active ingredients. Vegetarian capsules.
Enjoy 20% off HerbImmune until 9/30/16, while supplies last.
Mention the Newsletter Discount to receive the discount. Limit 2 per person. No Rx required. Not valid online.

Other immune tricks: probiotics, astragalus herb, elderberry tincture/syrup/tea, and Vitamins D and C, plenty of rest, exercise, and hydration.

Dr. Jennifer and Team Reboot