Reboot Center’s Restorative Care Services

At Reboot Center, we provide the following services:

My goal as a restorative physician is for YOU to have a thriving, balanced body and mind – where your body is strong and resilient, your mind is clear and active, and you spirit can soar. You deserve no less than this.

– Dr. Jennifer Ruthensteiner

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Restorative Care Services
Pediatric Care

With gentle examination and guidance, children can grow up healthy and strong. Whether it is helping your child get over a cold, focusing on behavioral challenges, or even managing genetic conditions, our providers are able to provide individualized care to meet each child’s needs using the best of restorative medicine, in concert with the parents’ wishes.

Acute & Chronic Health Condition Visits

Ready for a different approach to your acute and/or chronic health concern? Our focus at Reboot Center is on determining the root cause of your dis-ease, and provide individualized treatments to optimize your health.

Adult Annual Advanced Physicals

Our Annual Advanced Physicals are more in-depth versions of the standard annual physical. They feature additional advanced assessments and provide even more time for your physician to discuss your results. Among many things, an advanced physical could include:

  • BioAge Scanning
  • Strength, Flexibility, and Balance Testing
  • Functional Age Assessment
  • NeuroPhysio Assessment

In short, Advanced Physicals provide you with in-depth, proactive education on your health. By investing in Reboot Center’s Advanced Physical, we go beyond what health insurance covers in order to better protect your health and, ultimately, your healthspan.

Physical Medicine & Structural Health Visits

The structural alignment of the body is a key to its healthy function, and as such, physical manipulative therapies can bring about the proper alignment of the muscles, bones, and other tissues of the body.  In simpler terms, naturopathic manipulation can move things back into place.   This can profoundly reduce pain and discomfort, but it can also help to improve the function of the body in a myriad of other beneficial ways, such as ensuring plentiful oxygen and blood flow as well as improved nervous system communication.

Sports Physicals

Playing sports helps keep kids fit, plus sports are a fun way to socialize with peers and meet new people. The sports physical exam is known as the pre-participation physical examination. These are generally required prior to starting a new sport or sport season.

The two main parts of a sports physical are the medical history and the physical exam. The history includes questions about current or past illnesses, serious illnesses among family members, previous hospitalizations or surgeries, allergies, and medications. The examination typically involves:

  • height and weight check
  • blood pressure and pulse reading
  • vision, heart, lung, abdomen, ear, nose, and throat exam
  • evaluation of posture, joints, strength, and flexibility
Routine Laboratory Tests

Routine screening lab tests are an important part of the annual wellness checkup. These tests can be used for early detection of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, and anemia. They can find certain illnesses in early on, even before symptoms are present.

With information from screening laboratory tests, your Reboot Center provider works with you to improve your health and prevent disease.

Blood Draws

Our Reboot Center providers offer both blood draws for routine and specialty labs, or can send lab orders to a draw station near your home.