What to Expect

10-20 days prior to your exam


After you have scheduled your Superhuman Exam with your Reboot Center care coordinator, we will send your lab order to the LabCorp facility of your choice. Please have your fasting blood draw and urine specimen collected at this facility 10-20 days prior to your in-person Superhuman Exam, to ensure that lab report is completed by the time of your exam date. Please call the LabCorp facility ahead of time, as you may need to schedule the appointment; alternatively, it may be a walk-in appointment. If for a particular health reason you cannot fast for your appointment, a random (non-fasting) blood draw is acceptable.

*Fasting = only take water and herbal tea without sweetener for 10 hours prior to your blood draw. An overnight fast is preferred over a late day fasting appt.

On the day of your exam

From the moment you arrive and check in at Reboot Center, you will realize the Superhuman Exam is a completely different level of personalized medicine, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. The following is an at-a-glance view of what you can expect during your visit:


One of our friendly hosts will greet you in the reception, review all paperwork, and help you check in.


Your dedicated host will escort you to your primary examination room and give you the chance to settle in.


You will have a detailed medical and family history taken.


You will receive a one-of-a-kind physical examination that includes additional functional testing, and Ayurvedic- and Chinese Medicine-specific analyses for an Eastern perspective.



We will discuss any specialist referrals you may require and send referrals to specialty clinics. These may include referrals for colonoscopy, mammography, and bone density screening.


Following your comprehensive examination, you will have the opportunity to relax with a therapeutic infrared/PEMF treatment.


Upon completion of your exam, you will have the opportunity to view your results, and we will outline recommendations specifically oriented towards your health optimization.


You will leave your visit with a same-day action plan. With your consent, recommendations can be sent to your primary care physician.


In the event that you choose follow-up care through our providers, as part of the Superhuman Experience you will receive preferred access to Reboot Center’s advanced restorative care options and the ultimate Superhuman Longevity++ Program.