May is that miraculous month when nature really starts to happen. Along with mother nature’s shifts, we have some exciting things going on at Reboot Center for Innovative Medicine. If you haven’t been in to see us for a bit, be sure to scroll down for the latest, plus a few extra tips and tricks.

  • Sonya Tsuchigane, licensed acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine / Traditional Chinese Medicine guru, will be seeing patients at Reboot Center starting May 1st.
  • Our wonderful Jan will be handing over the managerial reigns to Andy, who will moving to Whidbey from Portland, OR, in early June. Welcome, Andy, to our neck of the woods!
  • Carol Fowler will be back at RC at the end of May for breast, thyroid, and combo Thermography services.
  • What is Forest Bathing??
  • And a few smaller notes:
    • We have LiverPro in stock now, for liver support & as a detoxification adjunct.
    • In this day and age, detoxing ought to be a daily duty. Some how-tos below.


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine services now available at Reboot Center.

Sonya Tsuchigane is a nationally board certified and licensed Acupuncturist. Receiving her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, Sonya has given over 2000 treatments at City Acupuncture New York focusing on women’s health and fertility, chronic pain, sports injuries, digestive complications, and emotional stress imbalances.

Prescription herbal formulas based in classical Chinese medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and trigger point acupuncture round out Sonya’s care modalities.

She is enthusiastic about joining Team Reboot and offering her services to Reboot Center patients and is offering a $110 Introductory Special through May 31. Email us your appt request or call (360) 331-2464 for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Depending upon your individual insurance policy, acupuncture may be insurance reimbursable.  Please check with your individual policy for coverage and restrictions.

Non-Invasive Breast & Thyroid Screening available at Reboot Center May 23-24 only.

Thermography screening for breast changes is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to mammography, especially in the wake of an extensive review conducted by the Swiss Medical Board in 2013, published in February of 2014.

We are pleased to have this assessment tool available at the end of May.
To book your appointment or for more information, please call Carol at 206-734-6581 or visit the Vital Thermal Imaging website.

Forest Bathing: The Benefits of Being in Nature

by Dr. Nathan Armstrong

Have you heard of forest bathing?  Also called “forest therapy,” it really just means spending time in the forest. But the term also refers to the health benefits we get by doing so. The concept comes from Japan, where, like in many other places, people recognized that they felt better and even physically healthier by spending more time outside in nature.


Our May supplement pick, ON SALE!

It isn’t too late
to get your liver in tip-top shape

LiverPro is an powerful formula designed to support healthy liver function. It contains a select combination of herbs and mushroom extracts, along with N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), which together provide superb antioxidant support and liver protective/restorative action.

Enjoy up to 25% off LiverPro, while supplies last. Please mention the May Newsletter to receive the discount. Limit 2 per person. No Rx required. Not valid online.


Other liver support & detox tricks:

  1. Get plenty of rest.
  2. Drink nettle tea. There are plenty of nettles available in Whidbey’s (non-sprayed) backyards these days, for the daring and intrepid.
  3. Eat more garlic. The sulfur compounds in garlic are important for detoxification.
  4. Apply castor oil packs over the abdomen. Use cold-pressed oil, cover with a thin terry cloth, overlay a hot water bottle, and relax for 20 min while the castor oil works its magic.
  5. Avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals: use gentler cleaning products.
  6. Undergo a cleanse or fast (consult your doc first).
  7. Take regular or infrared saunas.

Due to the managerial shifts, clinic hours are changing a bit during the interim.
We’ll be open during these times:
Tues 9-12 & 1-7
Wed-Sat 9-12 & 1-5

Please stop by to meet Sonya (starting May 1) and Andy (starting June 12); we’d love to see you. And, we wish you all a wonderfully healthy Spring!

In health and wellness,
Dr. Jennifer & Team Reboot

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