I truly hope that you have had a wonderful spring so far! Time just seems to fly by, and to me it seems especially accelerated during the springtime. My avid gardening might explain that time warp. :) But also here at Reboot Center we’ve been busy busy busy. If you suffer from hay fever, Dr. Ruth Dana, our resident physician, gives a number of great tips to help one’s immune system successfully navigate environmental allergies. Her post is terrific! Here in the NW, alder and cedar pollens seem to manifest from one day to the next, with various grass pollens following closely behind. It is, unfortunately, a common assumption that once one has allergies, they are an affliction for life. However, this is NOT necessarily true!

Unsprayed young nettles are abundantly available during the spring. Did you know that they contain a plethora of nutrients that are not only medicinal but can also be made into healthful and delicious dishes? Dr. Nathan Armstrong, the Reboot staff physician, spends many hours a week running the trails around Whidbey. He probably knows all of the best, truly untouched, nettle spots. :) His awesome post, The Amazing Health Benefits of Nettles, is a treasure trove of info on this superfood and superherb. In my opinion, the nettle deserves so much more recognition!

Sonya Tsuchigane, our acupuncturist, and East Asian Medicine expert, similarly likes to join with the seasons when treating patients. She shares her insights on how to keep health and balance through the hot summer days in alignment with Chinese Medical philosophy in her post East Asian Medicine Wisdom for Summer. I am constantly inspired by East Asian medical teachings and practices, in that they make SO MUCH sense! There is such a beautiful simplicity to the scripts, and in the acupuncture, all with the gentle focus of nudging the body and mind back onto the right track.

Movement is life. For maximum health, exercise (or just loads of movement in general) needs to be the cornerstone of the health recovery equation. Reboot staff physician and massage therapist/physical medicine guru extraordinaire Dr. Lenny Franzese notes that 3 very short bursts of interval training are JUST as effective as 45 min of maintained moderate exercise in his recent article Exercise: The Health Plan with the Biggest Bang For Your Buck. So, if you’re crunched for time but still want to reach your health goals, interval train!

On Insurance: Our Reboot Center practitioners are contracted with most health insurance plans, and we routinely run physical medicine, acupuncture, cranial therapy, and other services that are often considered out-of-pocket expenses through insurance. Please do check with your insurance plan with regard to coverage, and you might be pleasantly surprised! However, changes to individual coverage do happen (even mid-year), so it’s a good idea to stay informed about your particular plan’s coverage. Within the next few months, we will be contracted with multiple Medicaid/Apple Health plans as well, so stay tuned!

This May 20th and 21st (as in, this Sunday/Monday!), Carol Fowler with Vital Thermal Imaging will return to Reboot Center for two days only! Book your thyroid or breast thermogram directly with her by calling (206) 734-5681, or make your appointment via her website. There are only a couple of openings left, so be quick to call if you want to get in.

Get ready for summer!

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Ever explored organic essential oils for health?

In addition to single oils, we now carry 3 Esthetic Essential Oil Blends: Focus, Sinus Clear, & Digest Ease. I’ve started adding a drop of Focus to my morning smoothie, and wow- what a brain lifter. :)
Other favorites of mine include myrrh, sage, lemon, and bergamot. Come check out our full line!

Join Dr. Ruth Dana

Join Dr. Ruth Dana as she delves into the basics of homeopathic theory and practice at the Langley Library on June 2nd @10AM. Dr. Dana will look at research and cases specific to mental health and the nervous system. She is trained in Classical Homeopathy and has seen it amazingly effective, in particular when working with emotional & mental health conditions.

In deep appreciation,

Dr. Jennifer and the Reboot Center Team