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This Gift of Time

And so, we find ourselves in the throes of a global pandemic. Over these past few weeks, due to one miniscule virus, the landscape of the world around us has changed in unprecedented ways, and life as we know it has become strange and confusing to navigate.

Where do we go from here?...


But in the midst of this upside-down world, there is a hidden gift. It has tremendous potential. And offers an incredible opportunity.


There is no better time than NOW to focus on deep healing, to becoming centered, grounded, and explorative. Now is the time to understand and strengthen those parts of you that need extra love and attention. Now is the time to gently move towards the most physically apt, mentally sharp, and emotionally level version of you.

Quoting Nike, "Just Do It!"

So....Relax your brain. Loosen your jaw, neck and shoulder muscles. Close your eyes. Take a long, slow, deep breath. And exhale.


Have you ever...

  • been curious about a permanent, non-drug solution to completely overcoming your seasonal allergies?
  • wondered about that incessant stomach pain?
  • wondered if your 'irreversible' autoimmune thyroid condition is truly irreversible?
  • wondered about that nagging lab abnormality that keeps coming up on your blood tests?
  • been curious about why you wake up exhausted after twelve hours of solid sleep?
  • been concerned about your daily need of acid blockers, antihistamines, or stool softeners?

I tell my patients that in fact your body has all of the answers. It already knows why it's unwell, and what it needs to be perfectly content. It's just a matter of tapping into that deep knowledge bank.

Do you want to get from YOU in your current state of health to being on the other side of the chasm - ie. YOU in that excellent, 'my cup runneth over' state of health?

It could be that:

  • seasonal allergies are perhaps just an overactive immune response. The question is, why would your immune response be overactive? That is, in my opinion, what ought to be investigated and remedied.
  • that stomach pain may be a response to a long-standing mono-diet, or a lack of proper gut flora balance, or antibiotic overuse. It could even be due to a nervous system that's stuck in "fight or flight" aka. sympathetic mode - the gut functions best in "rest and digest" aka. parasympathetic mode.
  • just because you have a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis or lupus doesn't mean that you have to be on prednisone or methotrexate forevermore.

The job of the astute clinician is to:

  1. identify and remove the triggers egging on the condition and/or symptoms (such as daily consumption of the wrong foods)
  2. identify deficiencies and ensure optimal levels of nutrients and such (including a deficiency of emotional nourishment)
  3. identify toxicities and avoid/remove these from the body (including toxic drugs, toxic relationships, chronic stressors)

There may be other additional elements that weigh into the diagnostic mix, such as genetics, lifestyle factors, and history of trauma and surgeries. Regardless, I believe that you have every right to connect with a physician who will put their detective hat on for you, and who will take the time to dedicate themselves to digging deeper into your unique health situation, so that your health may finally rise higher than half-mast.

If you want to fly at full mast with your body and mind, you can now partner with a Reboot Center provider without needing to leave your sofa. Imagine that! All you need is an internet connection and access to a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Easy peasy.

Go for it and email or call us for a new or established patient virtual telehealth appointment.

As the coronavirus pandemic has kept an increasing number of people at home, I have seen more and more patients via telehealth. I do have to say that even though I miss seeing my patients in person, I feel (dare I say) almost more in tune with their healing journeys with these online visits. I wonder if this may be due to the increased passion and dedication by individuals to improve their organ and systemic health given the impact of COVID-19. But whatever the reason, I am so encouraged that people are taking the time and redirecting the course of their health and becoming truly WELL through healthier eating, selective testing, and partnering with me in the formulation of solid treatment plans, all the while focusing on their short-term and long-range health and life goals.

I feel so privileged to partake in your healing journeys. Thank you!

And remember....

Just Do it!

2018 year golden figures

2018: A Year for Cultivating

Be empowered to optimize & cultivate your health with intention in 2018! 2017 was a year of great change on many levels, allowing questions about our very human state to percolate to the surface. These matters spilled into politics, the media, personal conversations, churches, schools, and businesses, bringing about a palpable dissonance that was felt by most everybody. It was a year of huge tides, rolling waves, and beaches greatly transformed after every storm, metaphorically speaking.

What will 2018 bring? I sense that the scattered energies of 2017 will become refocused and repurposed; they will move towards grounding and healing, allowing us to gain a better understanding of our world, our communities, and ourselves. Where there was a sense of unease in the past year, this year may bring with it the laying of a new foundation, from which we can build our health and resilience with purpose.

Change, motion, and activity are the definition of life. Yet, stillness and quietude are just as important. Our bodies and minds require down-time in order to reorganize and cultivate internal structure after periods of change. As the seasons allow for times of rapid growth (summer) and times of inward silence (winter), a similar balance between movement and rest in our lives is necessary, particularly when it comes to our mental and physical health.

The key is to move into 2018 with purpose. Know what you want to achieve, and make a list of actionable items to guide you towards success. Here is my suggested empowered healing action plan:

  1. Let go of what was. Too much baggage will weigh you down.
  2. Make a list of problems, concerns, and frustrations about your health.
  3. Write down your health goals. Could be by time increment, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly goals, etc.
  4. Note any connections between your health concerns and health goals. For example, a problem could be "poor sleep," and an associated goal might be "daytime energy of at least 8/10."
  5. Create a list of ways to move from each particular problem to resolution of that problem. This may require consultation with your physician, health mentor, nutritionist or counselor.
  6. Keep the list active! Check it and make progress notes daily. Our life is a work in progress; so is our health and keeping it up.
  7. Other suggestions:
    1. Take time to move. Really move. And take time to be still. Very still. Observing and syncing with the ebbs and flows of nature will help with this balancing act.
    2. Become more aware of your inner voice and your gut feelings/reactions to things happening around you. Our bodies are brilliant, and all too often our conscious brains are just chatty agitators.
    3. Drink more water - suggested is approx. 1/2 of your body weight in ounces.
    4. Eat real food. Enough said. :)
    5. Sleep more. Most of us are sleep deprived.

So, just go for it & double-down on cultivating health in 2018! You can do it!!

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