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This Gift of Time

And so, we find ourselves in the throes of a global pandemic. Over these past few weeks, due to one miniscule virus, the landscape of the world around us has changed in unprecedented ways, and life as we know it has become strange and confusing to navigate.

Where do we go from here?...


But in the midst of this upside-down world, there is a hidden gift. It has tremendous potential. And offers an incredible opportunity.


There is no better time than NOW to focus on deep healing, to becoming centered, grounded, and explorative. Now is the time to understand and strengthen those parts of you that need extra love and attention. Now is the time to gently move towards the most physically apt, mentally sharp, and emotionally level version of you.

Quoting Nike, "Just Do It!"

So....Relax your brain. Loosen your jaw, neck and shoulder muscles. Close your eyes. Take a long, slow, deep breath. And exhale.


Have you ever...

  • been curious about a permanent, non-drug solution to completely overcoming your seasonal allergies?
  • wondered about that incessant stomach pain?
  • wondered if your 'irreversible' autoimmune thyroid condition is truly irreversible?
  • wondered about that nagging lab abnormality that keeps coming up on your blood tests?
  • been curious about why you wake up exhausted after twelve hours of solid sleep?
  • been concerned about your daily need of acid blockers, antihistamines, or stool softeners?

I tell my patients that in fact your body has all of the answers. It already knows why it's unwell, and what it needs to be perfectly content. It's just a matter of tapping into that deep knowledge bank.

Do you want to get from YOU in your current state of health to being on the other side of the chasm - ie. YOU in that excellent, 'my cup runneth over' state of health?

It could be that:

  • seasonal allergies are perhaps just an overactive immune response. The question is, why would your immune response be overactive? That is, in my opinion, what ought to be investigated and remedied.
  • that stomach pain may be a response to a long-standing mono-diet, or a lack of proper gut flora balance, or antibiotic overuse. It could even be due to a nervous system that's stuck in "fight or flight" aka. sympathetic mode - the gut functions best in "rest and digest" aka. parasympathetic mode.
  • just because you have a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis or lupus doesn't mean that you have to be on prednisone or methotrexate forevermore.

The job of the astute clinician is to:

  1. identify and remove the triggers egging on the condition and/or symptoms (such as daily consumption of the wrong foods)
  2. identify deficiencies and ensure optimal levels of nutrients and such (including a deficiency of emotional nourishment)
  3. identify toxicities and avoid/remove these from the body (including toxic drugs, toxic relationships, chronic stressors)

There may be other additional elements that weigh into the diagnostic mix, such as genetics, lifestyle factors, and history of trauma and surgeries. Regardless, I believe that you have every right to connect with a physician who will put their detective hat on for you, and who will take the time to dedicate themselves to digging deeper into your unique health situation, so that your health may finally rise higher than half-mast.

If you want to fly at full mast with your body and mind, you can now partner with a Reboot Center provider without needing to leave your sofa. Imagine that! All you need is an internet connection and access to a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Easy peasy.

Go for it and email or call us for a new or established patient virtual telehealth appointment.

As the coronavirus pandemic has kept an increasing number of people at home, I have seen more and more patients via telehealth. I do have to say that even though I miss seeing my patients in person, I feel (dare I say) almost more in tune with their healing journeys with these online visits. I wonder if this may be due to the increased passion and dedication by individuals to improve their organ and systemic health given the impact of COVID-19. But whatever the reason, I am so encouraged that people are taking the time and redirecting the course of their health and becoming truly WELL through healthier eating, selective testing, and partnering with me in the formulation of solid treatment plans, all the while focusing on their short-term and long-range health and life goals.

I feel so privileged to partake in your healing journeys. Thank you!

And remember....

Just Do it!

thyroid test

Tune Your Thyroid for a Toned Body

How optimized thyroid function is essential to great energy and successful weight loss. The obesity epidemic continues to progress at an intense rate here in the US as well as other developed countries. And yes, though the food we consume plays a HUGE role, not to be forgotten is the dramatic impact of hormones. The thyroid gland in particular has thermogenic (heat-producing) properties that have a direct effect on brown and white adipose tissue (aka fat cells). It can be a key factor in robust, focused weight loss. It can also be the main issue underlying terribly dogged weight gain.

Your thyroid gland tells your body how fast to burn fuel. It is primarily regulated by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which are master glands, located in the brain. These interact in a way similar to your home’s central thermostat and individual heaters, in that the hypothalamus is the thermostat that senses changes in “internal temperature”, then sends signals via the pituitary to the thyroid gland (the “heater”) to generate more or less thyroid hormone (“heat”). The end goal is a thyroid gland that is very sensitive to the messages given by the hypothalamus and pituitary and able to maintain a comfortable “temperature” within the body.

For a comprehensive analysis of thyroid function, I recommend the following labs:

  • TSH- a pituitary hormone that regulates the production of T3 and T4 (the main thyroid hormones). It is the standard “thyroid” test (though it’s actually a pituitary test).
  • Unbound (free) T3 and T4- these reflect the bioactive portion of thyroid hormone.
  • Reverse T3- this can increase when the conversion from T4 to active T3 is challenged. This may be due to other hormonal issues, such as low adrenal function, enzyme or nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal interference, amongst other issues.
  • Thyroid antibody levels- these demonstrate autoimmune activity and can be associated with inflammation, GI dysbiosis, chemical and/or heavy metal exposure, amongst other factors. Thyroid antibodies include an anti-thyroglobulin antibody, thyroid peroxidase antibody, and thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin.

Basal Metabolic Temperature testing, which was initially developed by Broda Barnes, MD, is another sensitive way to measure thyroid activity. Because thyroid hormones are integral to cellular metabolism, suboptimal thyroid function can manifest as a deviation in body temperature away from the “normal” level of 98.6oF / 37oC. Body temperature can be taken by placing a thermometer under the arm (in the armpit) or in the mouth. If placed under the arm, a factor of 0.8oF or 0.5oC should be added to the readings. The optimal oral temperature should read around 98oF / 36.7oC in the morning before arising. If the average temperature over a 3-day period is less than 97.8oF / 36.6oC then, according to Barnes, one may have hypothyroidism. Conversely, where the temperature is consistently above 98.6oF / 37oC this may an indication of hyperthyroidism. Please note that this test will give a good indication of thyroid problems, but is not definitive. Long story short: to optimize weight loss, consider your thyroid health as a possible missing piece on the path to success.

The Reboot Thyroid Balancing Program includes all the testing and treatment essentials: a thorough testing regimen that considers not only the quintessential TSH test, optimized nutritional support, focused detoxification (if necessary), metabolic activation strategies, key mindfulness exercises, and of course, thoughtful hormone replacement therapy (we're talking mostly thyroid hormones here). The beautiful end result is one the far outreaches just that lil' gland at the base of your neck. And please don’t be surprised if you finish the program with a fitter mind and a more energized spirit as well!

A balanced thyroid means a MUCH easier path towards a balanced, toned body. Hop on board to feeling awesome!