From the desk of Reboot Center’s associate provider, Dr. Nathan Williams: As the new doctor at the Reboot Center for Innovative Medicine, I would love to explain a little bit about what it is I do.  Like doctor Jennifer Schiavone-Ruthensteiner, I am a naturopathic physician.  This means that I spend time with my patients in order to understand the root cause of any less than optimal state of health, and I treat the cause to restore health using natural medicine.  I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal if we can give them what they need, remove that which is toxic or harmful to them, and invigorate the natural vitality that rightfully belongs to each of us.  I also believe that if we are unhealthy then we are unable to live the life we truly love, but if we are healthy then we are free and able to live happily and pursue our passions, dreams and goals.  It is my greatest passion to restore health, so that others are free and able to pursue their own passions.  This is the framework that guides all that I do.

I have the privilege of seeing patients for a wide variety of reasons, including integrative primary care, but I would like to take the opportunity to explain my Naturopathic approach in some specialized areas of medicine.

Structural medicine.  Like my chiropractic colleagues, I believe that the structural alignment of the body is a key to its healthy function, and as such, I employ physical manipulative therapies in order to bring about the proper alignment of the muscles, bones, and other tissues of the body.  In simpler terms, I can move things back into place.  This can profoundly reduce pain and discomfort, but it can also help to improve the function of the body in a myriad of other beneficial ways, such as ensuring plentiful oxygen and blood flow as well as nervous system communication.

Pediatrics.  I can help children to grow up healthy and strong naturally.  Whether it is helping them get over a cold, treating behavioral disorders or even genetic conditions, I am able to provide individualized care to meet each child’s needs using the best of natural as well as modern medicine in accordance with parents’ wishes.

Dermatology.  I really enjoy performing dermatological minor surgery procedures, such as removing moles, skin tags, or other non-cancerous growths.  While the procedures themselves will not differ from what a highly trained MD would perform, I additionally provide a holistic perspective and natural care to aid in a swift recovery.  Minor surgeries can be done using local anesthesia, so they are relatively quick and pain-free.

I am so happy to be joining Dr. Jennifer Schiavone-Ruthensteiner at the Reboot Center for Innovative Medicine!  Living and working on beautiful Whidbey Island is a dream come true for my family and me, and I promise that I will always do my best for this amazing community which I am so happy to find myself a part of.  Please do not hesitate to call our office and schedule an appointment so that we may get to know one another.

In your service, Dr. Nathan Williams